When should I speak to you about my project?

As soon as possible, as even if it is the early stages we can offer great advice regarding timeframes and budgets. We will price your project and provide a timeline for the expected completion and start/finish dates.


Which areas of Auckland do you work in?

We work all throughout the entire Auckland metropolitan Area. We can also work in other locations around NZ if requested


Do you do minor or major renovations?

We can do the smallest building repairs to the largest home renovations in Auckland.


Do you also build new homes as well as renovations?

Yes, we can take all types of building projects


How long will it take to quote?

This depends on how complex your building or renovation project is but in general allow up to a week for a small project or up to 3 weeks for more complex construction.


What hours do the builders work?

Our builders usually work from 7:30am through to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.


How many builders will you have on my project?

This depends on the size and complexity of the building project and what deadlines you needs us to work to. Expect a minimum team of 2 for small jobs and upwards


Do I need to find a project manager?

No, we manage the whole project once consents are complete and the building work starts. On full contract this means managing and co-ordinating sub-contractors, liaising with architects, council inspections, ordering and supplying materials.


Do I need to find subcontractors?

No, we have in house builders, plumbers and electricians and can supply all other trades.


Can I help to do some of the work to keep costs down?

You can, however we prefer to use our trusted team and network of subcontractors. It is especially important for us to maintain building standards, have continued great health & safety and also ensures that your warranties are correctly maintained and valid.


Can you recommend interior designers, architects or draughts people?

Yes, we have worked with many great designers, architects and draughts people and can readily recommend them to you.


Can you arrange plans or drawings to be completed and submitted to Council?

Yes, we can co-ordinate and liaise meetings with interior designers, draughts people or architects.


Do you have references available?

Yes, we have a range of clients who are glad to provide verbal references or you can view our work in photos or in person.


Full contract or labour only contract?

We can offer both full contract or labour only terms.


How do I pay for my renovation?

This will depend on your project. It can be on completion but is often through milestone payments as work is completed. A deposit will be required to ensure your project is scheduled and builders booked in advance.