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A good kitchen is the heart of the family home. It is not just a place where food is prepared. It is a place where you chat with your family after a long day and its also a place where guests congregate to share a glass of wine when you are entertaining. A kitchen bench or breakfast bar is not just for breakfast – it’s for homework, coffee, planning a holiday or enjoying a late night whisper over ice cream. It is a place from which delicious and homely smells fill your home and your memories.

So what makes a good kitchen? Dream Home Kitchen Renovations , we believe there are four essential ingredients and our ability to combine them all is what makes us one of the leading companies doing kitchen renovations in Auckland.

A good kitchen needs to be functional – a place for everything and everything in its place. Smart kitchen design means that when you instinctively turn to reach for a plate, utensil or to put down a hot dish, you find the cupboard or surface you’re looking for. Putting thought into the design of kitchens and the needs of the people using it to make for a space that is easy and enjoyable to cook in.

A good kitchen needs to be durable – after all, it is one of the most used areas in a home. There is no point installing a sparkling new kitchen if, within a year or two, the surfaces are worn and chipped and drawers and cupboards don’t function as they once did. Quality materials, good workmanship and clever choices combine to create a kitchen that will last the test of time.

A good kitchen also needs to be beautiful. In today’s home designs, kitchens aren’t tucked away in a room of their own at the back of the house. Today they appear in the centre of the home and often spill onto dining and lounge areas in the open-plan, free-flowing design of the modern family house. The kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the overall interior design of the home. The functionality need not detract from the visual appeal.

A good kitchen needs to be affordable.

At Dream Home Kitchen Renovations, we understand what a good kitchen is all about and we know that kitchens aren’t ‘one design fits all’. We listen to your needs and your lifestyle is reflected in the final design. Dream Home Kitchen Renovations are designed specifically for the home they are being installed in – whether that be a family home, city apartment or rental property. We specialise in kitchen renovations in Auckland – so if you’re looking to spruce up or completely overhaul a tired old kitchen then we can help you get rid of the lime green laminate and replace it with something much more sleek.

Dream Home Kitchen Renovations will take care of all kitchen renovation requirements, from start to finish, including performing associated trade work including plumbing building & electrical to get your kitchen up and running. Our qualified tradespeople can work with your own building contractor if required or manage building works for you.

As a local family-owned and operated company, we offer a level of customer service that larger firms simply cannot match. Regardless of the size of your kitchen renovating project, you will be glad to have chosen Dream Home Renovations to bring your dream kitchen to reality.Why not give us a call and organise a free Kitchen renovation quote? Call free on 0800 33 66 77 or email us for more information