Second Dwellings

Second Dwellings, Granny Flats & Sleep Outs


Granny flats are not just for your Grandmother or mother in law, from an Auckland City Council perspective they are a secondary dwelling or an accessory to the primary residence. The Auckland City Council has made Granny flats/second dwellings, easier and faster to approve and therefore easier to build. The flat is a great way for Mum and Dad to create additional accommodation for either family members or as an additional source of income, while also adding value and flexibility to your home. A second dwelling also adds significant resale value to any home as it can be treated as ‘Home & Income’ if it was to be used as rental accommodation.

Dream Home Renovations depth of experience in dealing with the council consents means you are in safe hands when it comes time to design and submit your application removing another headache for the home owner.

Making use of professionalism and experience with Granny Flats. We can help you assess your current home and advise the options available to you. We are specialists in providing affordable solutions with Granny Flats.

We can help you with design solutions that fit your budget and your family requirements.

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